Can I download Microsoft Access?

The full version of Microsoft Access can be downloaded from and is included in the Microsoft 365 subscription.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Access?

Yes, there's Access Runtime, but you will only be able to run or execute an MS Access database that someone has already developed.

Does MS Access run in the cloud?

No, Access as a database file, does not run in the cloud, but there are methods of storing your data in the cloud which can then be accessed by your local copy of Access.

Are there free Microsoft Access sample downloads?

Yes, try out the Northwind online template, that will give you a good idea what Access can basically do.

What is Access Runtime?

Access Runtime is free to download and install, but you will only be able to run or execute an MS Access database that someone has already developed for you. Access Runtime does not allow you to make changes or develop your own database.

Can MS Access be converted to SQL?

Yes, it's data can be exported to an SQL or MySQL server. The forms, queries, reports and code will remain in an Access file on your PC.

Why are data blanks a topic?

Allowing the use of blanks or empty fields needs to be carefully considered since Null, Zero and empty are not the same thing, and can have an effect on your reports.

Does Microsoft Access run on Android or iPhone?

No, MS Access only runs on Windows and Mac PC's. Access also does not run on Linux.

Is Access suitable for document management?

Yes, there are a few ways to achieve this.

Is Microsoft Excel a database?

No, it's not a database, even though it stores data. Technically, it's a flat file database, not a relational database.

Is there an MS Access tutorial?

Yes, there are many tutorials to be found online, including some from Microsoft.

Can you share an Access database?
Where to start designing a database?

Start with deciding on how a database should benefit your business, analyse your existing data and draw up your database schema.

Can Microsft Access data be shared over the internet?

Yes, export your existing data to an online MySQL server and connect your users with an ODBC connection; while still using Microsoft Access locally on each PC.